It’s almost summertime and this Zaful swimsuit review will help you find all the best bikinis for 2022!  Zaful has super cute swimsuits at affordable prices, most are under $20 for the set.

zaful swimsuit review 2021

Zaful has a great selection of swimwear for women of all ages and body types. 

Their styles tend to be a bit cheekier than Shein swimsuits and major brand retailers like H&M, Target, and Forever21.

But hey I say if you got it FLAUNT IT!  And if you happen to be smaller in the chest area Zaful bikinis fit amazingly well, especially the underwire styles!  I’m sharing some of the best Zaful bikinis and swimsuits for summer 2022!

What is Zaful?

Zaful is an online retailer selling women’s fashions, accessories, and of course swimsuits!   They are not a scam site and totally legit. 

Their store carries so many cute items.  They do skew a little young in some of their styles though.  But hey, who am I to judge I’m definitely not considered young and I still shop at Forever21!!

Their items ship to you directly from China, so basically you are cutting out the middleman, which is one of the reasons their prices are so low.

They also have an Amazon Store, check it out here, but the prices on there are almost double what you would pay on their site.

Zaful Triangle Bikini Review

I am in love with this triangle bikini set from Zaful! 

It is one of the best swimsuits from Zaful!

It is the perfect suit for tanning and if you have a smaller bust. Here’s a ribbed material version and floral print version. (Get it on Amazon here)

zaful swimsuit reviews

The triangle cups are adjustable and fit great on my small chest.  The perfect triangle bikini set!  The bottoms are definitely on the cheeky side, but not a complete thong.  And you can hike them up to make a high-cut leg look.

It comes in so many colors too, definitely, a must-buy if you are looking for that staple in your bikini closet.

One note though, these do not come with removable pads!  

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Zaful Underwire Swimsuit Review

This underwire swimsuit from Zaful is amazing.  Like I said before, besides Shein, I’ve never been able to find an underwire swimsuit that fit my chest without gaping!

But Zaful definitely has some of the best underwire bikinis for a small chest!

zaful underwire swimsuit review

This one though fits perfectly around the bust.  I love the high waisted bottoms and the ribbed material is super on trend right now!

Zaful Smocked Bikini Review

So I’ve been looking for a Triangl Vinca bikini dupe forever!  And Zaful has it.  These smocked triangle bikinis are so cute and I love the floral print – CHECK PRICES. This one has a bigger flower print.

zaful bikini review

There’s even an animal print version and a tie dye version, that I’m obsessed with.

If you have a smaller chest I find the shirring detail makes your chest look fuller.  The bottoms of the blue floral print bikini are side tie and you can pull it up to sit high on your hip.  The back though is definitely ALMOST a thong!  The triangle bikini top ties behind your neck. This is the sexy little bikini you’ll want to pack for your beach vacay!

The orange flower print bikini has cheeky back coverage. The top straps don’t tie around your neck, instead go over you shoulder like bra straps.

zaful smocked bikini

Zaful High Leg Swimsuit Review

This Zaful O-ring swimsuit is so cute.  The top runs a bit small though so if you are bigger in the chest definitely size up.  

zaful high leg bikini

The bottoms are the perfect cheeky cut and make your legs look miles long! This style is also available on Shein, here and here, in case you can’t find your size on Zaful.

Zaful Shipping Times

Because items from Zaful ship from China, it does take about 2 weeks for you to receive your order.  My swimsuit order from Zaful arrived 2 weeks on the dot!

Zaful offers free shipping on orders $59 and over.

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Zaful Swimsuits Vs. Shein Swimsuits Review

If you have ever shopped at Shein, then you’ll see that Zaful swimsuits are very very similar to Shein swimsuits (read my Shein Swimsuits Review).

They basically have the same styles.  I would say Zaful prices tend to run slightly higher, about maybe $5 per bikini set higher.  Their styles are not exactly the same though so I would still shop at Zaful.

Compared to Shein, Zaful tends to have slightly skimpier bikinis and styles.  Also unlike Shein, not all of Zaful’s swimsuits come with removable pads.  A few of the styles I purchased did  not.

Zaful Swimsuit Quality Review

Zaful swimsuits are good quality!  If you read my Shein Swimsuits Review, you’ll see the quality is almost identical.  

The quality of Zaful bikinis and swimsuits is similar to Forever 21, Target, H&M.  Like Shein, I find that Zaful fits better on smaller chested ladies like myself than mass retailers.

Again I think this is because it’s a Chinese company.

Zaful Swimsuit Sizing Review

What I love about Zaful swimwear is that they give you detailed sizing on EACH AND EVERY swimsuit.  And also the measurements of the model!  It’s really easy to get sizing info to determine if a suit will fit.

Also many of their swimsuits have tons of reviews, which also helps with sizing.

Zaful Return Policy

Zaful does not accept returns on swimwear, period!  But it’s not a huge loss because the swimsuits are so affordable.

On their other items, they do not offer free returns, which is quite a bummer.

They do have an Amazon store where they offer FREE SHIPPING and RETURNS on swimsuits, but prices are higher, check it out here.