hooded fur parka


When we booked our honeymoon to Iceland in the fall the first thing I packed was a fur parka.  It was going to be cold and windy and I HATE cold and windy so that meant lots of Heattech and a parka with a giant furry hood.  Now I searched and searched a great many fur parkas to find one that checked all the boxes for me.  The first on my list was a giant hood.  I’ve got this thing for giant hoods, I want it to be cover my eyes huge.  And I knew I wanted a fur parka with real fur for that luxurious feel, like the one here.  I picked the classic army color because it never goes out of style.  I still wear this parka everyday because it’s perfect for this rainy semi chilly, wet, and windy weather that we’ve been havng lately and because this style never goes out!  It’s a classic for a reason.

Now it took me quite a while to find my perfect parka which is why I’ve  put together some of my favorite picks below.  I prefer real raccoon fur but for those that are against fur or want a more affordable version, there’s some great faux fur options too.

My parka was definitely the most useful thing I brought with me to Iceland.  Though it wasn’t waterproof, the removable inside lining meant that even if the exterior shell was wet, I never felt the slightest bit damp.  And this was standing next to giant gushing waterfalls spraying water all over us.  It definitely kept me warm as we toured the southern parts of Iceland and as we wandered around the glacier lagoon.