There are times when you find brands that make you look effortless.  That “I just threw on this dress and my bedhead is perfect” feeling.  That brand for me is Reformation.  Their dresses are cut close to the body, but not too close.  Body skimming is the term, while draping beautifully.  The citrine and grapefruit dresses (same dress but grapefruit is the petite version) have been my staples for traveling.  The mezzanine dress, the one I’m wearing in my pictures, is my all time favorite in fluid lux silk animal print, and on sale!  The fine light weight crepe material flutters elegantly in the wind and keeps me cool in those hot and humid climates I tend to favor.  And every so often they have a MAJOR sale!  I was delighted this morning when I saw 50% off in my inbox.  I’ve picked up a few pieces already and I’m sharing my favorites below.

Reformation’s design mission is “to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure. The design process starts with us thinking about what we really want to wear. Most fashion is designed 12-18 months before it’s released, but at Ref a sketch becomes a dress in about a month. We’re designing and making what you want to wear right now,” from their website.

Everything from Reformation is made in the USA from eco friendly fabrics.  Their dresses are the perfect travel essential, especially for hot weather. Because of the fabric fibers they use to make their clothes I’ve never been too hot when I wear one of their long maxis at the many beaches I’ve visited.  They are truly one of my favorite brands of all time.  And I adore all the backless options they have!  Their silhouettes are distinctly feminine without being overly girly.  There’s a coolness itgirl factor in all their designs.  The slightest hint of ruffle of a strap, the deepest of V necklines, the wispiest of fabrics all come together gracefully to create the loveliest pieces for every girl.


reformation mezzanine dress

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