Aesthetic picnics really became a “thing” in 2020 when the pandemic started and the interest has only soared with picnic companies coming up left and right.  

picnic ideas

If you don’t have the funds to have someone else put together a picnic for you here are 5 simple picnic ideas that will be perfect for your date, get-together or celebration!  

And yes these picnic ideas will also make the best photoshoots!

What You Need for Your Aesthetic Picnic

There are a few things that will make your picnic super lux and special.  Don’t worry these items are all readily available and pretty affordable from Amazon.  Check out the list below.  Most of these basket sets come with utensils, plates, and stemwear!  All you need is a blanket.

Flower Field Picnic Idea

There’s nothing I love more than flower fields and one of the best places to have a picnic is a flower field.  When the cherry blossoms in DC bloom I always make it a point to have a cherry blossom picnic.

cherry blossom picnic

The flower field picnic is really super simple; you just need a blanket to make it absolutely stunning!  The flowers on display do the rest and give you that “wow” factor without a whole lot of work. Tea set available here.

Of all the picnic ideas I think the flower field or cherry blossom picnic idea is the prettiest. 

cherry blossom picnic

Don’t forget to take a few pictures with the cute picnic basket!

Asian Picnic

Want to surprise someone with an unusual picnic?  Try an asian themed picnic!  Don’t order take-out for this picnic idea, instead go to your nearest asian grocery store and grab a bunch of asian snacks and drinks to try.

There’s nothing easier because everything is pre-packaged and ready to eat!  Want to dress up your picnic even more?

Get a cute paper umbrella to shade yourselves from the sun!  

Backyard Picnic

For those of you that have a backyard, you can totally re-create those luxury picnics you see on Instagram in your yard.

This picnic idea is really easy because you don’t have to transport anything.  Just take your household furnishings and put them outside.

Everything you see in this picnic I already owned!  That tipi is my daughter’s, the furry pillows are from my couch, the tray is a rescue from my office that I painted, and the picnic blanket is a table cloth I bought for another occasion.    

I highly recommend putting down a tarp and using a polyester tablecloth so none of your items get dirty.  And you can easily repurpose any of these items. 


I bought a white and a pink table cloth years ago and continue to use them over and over again either as a table cloth or a picnic blanket!  They wash really well and are virtually indestructible!


You can even set up a nice low table too, just like the ones on Instagram.  Just get  2 milk crates and put a board of some sort over it.  I used a folding table that I removed the legs from.  More recently though I bought a tabletop from Ikea’s “as is” furniture section for $7 to use!


Indoor Picnic

Who says your picnic has to be outside?  Indoor picnics are just as much fun without all the bugs!

indoor picnic idea

I love throwing a good princess picnic inside because I can wear all my princess dresses without worrying about them getting dirty.

indoor picnic

Put a throw or furry rug on the floor and use a try to set up all the food and you’ll have the perfect indoor picnic with protection from the elements.