Have you tried the Starbucks Moon Drink that’s all over TikTok?

starbucks moon drink

On the surface it really just looks like a Starbucks iced matcha latte because well it’s green!

I’ve seen several TikTokers post about it at this point and I just had to try it!

What is the Starbucks Moon Drink?

Everyone on TikTok is waving around a secret Starbucks drink called the Moon Drink.  The Moon Drink from Starbucks is said to taste like the moon!

secret starbucks drink

I’m not sure who came up with the original concoction but it’s basically a blend of 2 teas!

The base of the TikTok Moon Drink is a matcha latte, so it’s actually green and not silver like the moon.

I’m not sure why everyone is saying this Starbucks drink tastes like the moon.  I mean what does the moon taste like?  

Has anyone even eaten the moon??  It’s really just an iced matcha latte with some added stuff!

Some people rave about this drink saying it’s amazing.  Others I’ve seen say it tastes like chalk and is just kind of heavy.

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The Starbucks Moon Drink from TikTok is a matcha latte with coconut milk and chai.

My Take on the TikTok Moon Drink

I think this secret Starbucks drink is just okay.  I can taste the matcha and the bit of spice from the chai tea, but as with most Starbucks drinks it’s a bit too sweet for me.

It was also a bit pricey at over $6 for the grande, sorry I’m not used to paying Starbucks prices anymore now that I make my cappuccinos at home.

Plus, I like more matcha flavor in my matcha drinks!  

You can also easily make this at home if you have matcha powder and it tastes so much better!

Simply brewed some chai tea, made some matcha tea, and added milk!  So easy.  The best part is you can adjust the amounts based on your taste.

I think my homemade version tastes better than Starbucks!  I tend to prefer my drinks less sweet and Starbucks usually makes everything too sweet, this moon drink included.  

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Here’s how to order this Starbucks TikTok Drink that tastes like the Moon:

Ask for a Grande Iced Matcha Latte with Coconut milk and 2 pumps of Chai.

Do You Have To Order The TikTok Moon Drink with Coconut Milk

You don’t need to order the TikTok Moon Drink with coconut milk.  Substitute with regular milk or almond milk if you like.  I really couldn’t taste the coconut milk anyway!