Everyone and anyone recommends Franco’s Bar in Positano for aperitivo!  If you’ve been on Instagram, you would have seen Franco’s Bar is on everyone’s list of rooftop bars to visit.  

Franco's bar

But if you read Google reviews you will see it’s a mixed bag.  Some people hated it and some people loved it!!

I’m here to tell you the truth about Franco’s Bar and how to get a good table!

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Where is Franco’s Bar?

Franco’s Bar is next to the prestigious Hotel Le Sirenuse in Positano Italy.  In fact, Hotel Le Sirenuse owns Franco’s Bar.  It boasts a stunning view of Positano and is the perfect place to have aperitivo at sunset.

The Menu at Franco’s Bar

Franco’s Bar offers inventive craft cocktails, wine and beer.  Their cocktails start at $20 each. And while Google reviewers complain about the high price of the cocktails saying they were not worth it, I disagree entirely!

Franco's bar positano

Is a $20 cocktail expensive?  Yes and no.  This really depends on where you are from.  Coming from Washington, D.C. we found the price comparable to D.C. specialty cocktail prices at rooftop bars with a view.  Actually, if you were to have a similar experience with a view in D.C. you would likely get charged a TABLE FEE just to sit down in addition to drinks.  

Dress Code

The dress code is pretty casual.  Most people were dressed smartly because everyone usually comes here for drinks before heading somewhere for dinner.

Franco's bar outfit

In terms of footwear my husband and I both wore flip-flops and it was completely fine.  He was wearing long pants though because it does get kind of chilly at night in Positano.

The Vibe at Franco’s Bar

Franco’s Bar definitely has a fun vibe.  While it is mostly full of tourists, it’s still a lot of fun.  You end up talking to the tables around you and next to you and help each other take photos!  

How to get Instagram Photos at Franco’s Bar

I know you’ve seen all the pictures of Franco’s Bar on social media, but how do you actually get these photos?  

Franco's bar instagram photo

Well, there is a corner next to the largest seating they have, which is next to the bar.  This is the corner where everyone takes their photos!  That is unless you get a table with a direct view.

Does Franco’s Bar take Reservations?

Franco’s is one of the few places in Positano that doesn’t take reservations!  

To get a table you have to wait in line BEFORE they open.  They open at 6:00 p.m. 

We got in line at about 5:40 p.m. during a weekday in high season and got the first seating, but we did not get a table with a view.  If you want a table with a view then you will have to be the first 3 couples in line. 

But there is a secret to getting a table with a view even if you are not first in line, keep reading!

How is the Staff?

Again Google reviewers gave really mixed reviews about the staff here. 

We had a wonderful experience, the staff was attentive but didn’t hover.  And they continually brought us snacks! 

How to Get a Table with a View at Franco’s Bar

To get a table with a view at Franco’s Bar you either have to be first in line OR stay long enough!  The tables with a view only seat two people, so if you have a party larger than two you will not get one of these tables.  

We were seated right behind these tables.  Many tourists will only come here for one drink and then just sit for sunset nursing their one drink.  My husband and I on the other hand wanted to sample all the cocktails.  

Just before our 3rd cocktail arrived, our lovely waiter came over and asked if we would like to move to a table with a view, since the couple seated there had just left.  

franco's bar best table

I think this is such a great system for rewarding those patrons who have stayed at the establishment, and enjoyed the drinks.  They could easily have let in the next round of people to the better seats.  I personally would not have complained because I was having a great time in my seat!

We definitely got a few dirty looks when the waiter reseated us. Some of the others had arrived at the same time we had but they were all still on their first round of drinks!


Is Franco’s Bar Worth the Hype?

In a word, YES!!!  My husband is super skeptical about these Instagrammable bars, and he was totally prepared to hate on it, but even he loved it.

Is it pricey?  Yes probably, but if you are used to D.C. or NYC prices you probably won’t get sticker shock.  

The staff was amazing, the view cannot be beaten, and the drinks were delicious!

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